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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please read them before sending us an email or contacting us in anyway.

Question. I am having problems with a trainer i purchased, where to get help?

Answer: We always provide a promo/test trainer with each game we train so you can test that our trainer works for you before you buy it. Therefore, the responsibility lies on you fully in case you fail to use the promo trainer and purchase. We will NOT provide a refund under no circumstances since it is a user-error and not ours.

If the promo trainer is not working for you, make sure you have the correct version of game and have followed the steps given in Trainer Troubleshooting Guide if it still doesn't work, please contact us and let us know about it providing your full system setup and software information.

Question: I just ordered trainer X now, why isn't it still showing at my download page or how long before i get the trainer?

Answer:  Trainers that are purchased (does not include free trainers) go through manual verification to avoid fradulent/scam payments and can take some time to process depending on how quickly we see your order and consider it correct/non-fradulent. It usually takes few minutes or few hours since we are online most of the time and constantly check new orders.

However, if it takes more than 12 hours, you can contact us and let us know about it. You will informed when the verification is complete through email. 

Question: How to download a trainer ?

1. On the homepage, click Account to goto your Account page.

2. From there, click on Downloads.

3. The Downloads page contains all your ordered trainers and you can download any one of them by clicking on download button. 

Question: The trainer is password-protected!. Where is the password ?.

Answer: You will be emailed the password upon completion of trainer verification. Check your email inbox for order update email from us.

The password is also listed in your My Account > Order History page. View the order information to find the password listed in comments with instructions. 

Question: I wanted to buy trainer X for version x but accidently bought the trainer for another version or i bought a wrong trainer. HELP?

Answer: We're sorry, but we DO NOT do refunds in any case unless its for fair reasons. Its your mistake and unless your stoned, its highly unlikely you'd do this mistake.

Question: The game version is same and everything seems to be in place. Still why doesn't the trainer work?

Answer:  Please make sure you follow these steps for each and every trainer you run. Even for the promo trainers.

Question: I found a virus/trojan/malware in your software!, die!!

Answer:  We occassionaly get this dumb question/email from some morons from time to time. This is a FALSE-positive. Almost every trainer is considered suspicious by AVs since they modify other processes memory which is considered suspicious by AVs. Read this thread for more information : Trainer virus warnings are false positive - dEViATED Support Forums

If you are still not satisfied, please leave this site immediately since we may already be secretly making your computer a part of our gigantic zombie-network. BOOOO!.

Question: What are my payment options?

Answer: Currently we only accept PayPal. But in future, other payment options may be considered.

Question: How do I open the .NFO file included with your releases?

Answer: You can open it with Notepad by using the font Terminal with size 9. Or you can use an application called 'DAMN NFO viewer' to open any .nfo file. Make sure that you always read the included nfo file before using the trainer to avoid mistakes!

Question: I extracted the WinRAR archive but there is no trainer?

Answer: Most likely, your security software such as Antivirus, Firewall etc. is blocking the trainer and deleting it. Add the trainer to the security software's exception list and temporarily disable it and/or uninstall it. 

Question: What is UPDATE PROTECTION ?

Answer: UPDATE PROTECTION is a service we provide that you can purchase for a small fee that enables you to get new updated versions of paid trainers totally FREE or in other words 'protects' you from having to buy updated trainers again and again as game updates.

For example, If UPDATE PROTECTION is not purchased, in case the game updates and new trainer is released, you will have to re-purchase the new trainer. On the other hand, people who bought update protection will get all the new trainers totally FREE of charge.

Please note that purchasing UPDATE PROTECTION does NOT mean that a trainer will be updated or you entitled to getting a new trainer released. It merely enables you to get updated trainers for free once they are released by the author.

Question: Will i get new version of trainers for FREE once the game updates or do i have to pay separately for each release?

Answer: All old customers who bought our trainers before UPDATE PROTECTION was introduced will get new updated trainer releases for FREE. Similarly, for game trainers on which we don't offer UPDATE PROTECTION yet, trainers updated will be provided FREE of charge. 

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