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Before You Purchase!



Before you proceed and purchase the full trainer, have you downloaded and TRIED the PROMO/TEST/MINI TRAINER FIRST ?

The test trainer will make sure that your game version matches with the version trainer was made for and our FULL trainer will work for you upon purchase becuase the the test/promo trainer is a STRIPPED DOWN/REDUCED functionality version of FULL TRAINER and basically the same as full trainer with less options.

So if the promo worked for you then you can purchase the full trainer without worries as it will work as well. You can find the promo trainer for each trainer on their respective trainer page.

.Game Source:

Make sure you have the exact source of the game the trainer mentions!. For example, if the trainer mentions it is for RETAIL, make sure you have retail before you purchase.

Similarly, if the trainer mentions STEAM or other digital download version such as ORIGIN/Cracked, make sure you have THAT and not some other game source. A steam trainer MAY NOT work for RETAIL game if the changes in game are big. This doesn't apply if you bought the game retail and then activated on steam because in the end you are getting it through STEAM and a STEAM trainer will work for you.

Again, using the PROMO/TEST trainer here will help and makes sure the trainer will work for you!!.

Thank you for reading, following this small step will save both ours and yours precious time

You can now proceed to purchase the trainer.

Happy Gaming
-dEViATED Networks

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