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About Us

DEViATED commonly known as DVT written usually as dEViATED has a long history in the field of game hacking and making game trainers. To be exact, dating back to 2006, DVT was born with the aim to provide better game hacking services and knowledge to beginners also providing game trainers from time to time.

DEViATED is founded by Kavvman/STN then known as ILA with the help of his friend KEMiCZA. Over time, many friends have helped DVT become what it is today by offering their help in many ways. These awesome people include RISiCO, genuine and many others who have long left but their contribution never forgotten.

Over time, DVT has gotten better and better developing new techniques and teaching countless gamehackers, and becoming a known reputable name in gamehacking.

We developed methods and techniques that few or no groups at the time knew and being the first  to documenting them and sharing with the public, techniques such as dynamic caving on the fly, signature scanning and others made our releases stand out from the crowd. Our trainers also tend to be easy on the eyes with GDI Animations, starfields and other classic and new effects and are fun to watch. Most of the trainer-makers you see active today have been a part of DVT and have learned a tremendous amount from our years of experience.

Our focus has shifted from gamehacking to making game trainers over time and we are now better known for our trainers that stand out from others in terms of quality, number of options and work-ability.

Team members and people that have been part of DEViATED

Over the many years, a lot of famous and not so famous gamehackers have joined us and have been or still are part of the team. The current members of the team are as follows



Probably the oldest gamehacker after sheep (not age-wise), he started game hacking back in 2003 when games had no real protection at all and gamehacking could be considered still a developing field, he has seen it all. There is no need to mention the experience he gained looking at games protections evolve and training games since like forever. Started at the age of 13, a closet nerd-cum-self-proclaimed chicks magnet, you may find him in your moms bed if you're lucky.


Most Impressive Work:




Most Impressive Work:




Most Impressive Work:




Most Impressive Work:

Past Members who had the honor of being in dEViATED

Psych, CJB, genuine, Haykuro, moleman, attilathedud, devil/extreme and KEMiCZA/ZOMBiE.



 CoaxCable/CPH for NFO. 

Borgert for his sweet chiptunes

zORK for his impressive NFO art

Forum members who rants with us and are not leechers like you.

That'd be all. Thanks for wasting 5 minutes of your life.


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